About The Collection


The MHM Collection (Mental Healing Matters ) was created in 2019 by the CEO Brieanna Aubrey .  This collection is all about spreading more awareness on all things Mental Health & Healing.This Collection is not only a Comfy Loungewear that tailors to Mental Healing but it also provides Mental Health Resources for people to use such as Certified Life coaching that is now accepting individuals , families & Couples offered by the CEO . The collection also offers a Young Adults Connect group where individuals can come together to connect , heal , vent & advise each other . This Brand is about the positive change that needs to happen within several communities  . The owner of the collection aims to inspire others to be the best version of themselves which entails helping others heal so that they can have a more healthier life  both inside and out . This Collection hopes to  inspire , uplift and transforms so many lives all across the world. 

"Let all you do be done in love"
1Corinthians 16:14

More About The CEO

Brie wants to help end Mental Health stigmas and help others heal from Trauma. 
She is currently a Certified life Coach that specializes in trauma .
Also, She is currently
finishing up a Bachelors degree in behavior science from Grand canyon University.She will become a Qualified Mental Health Professional or Mental Health Couselor very soon!
 A few of her Life long goals is to get the collection global , open her own practice, open a trauma facility for the youth and be able to travel around the world speaking about the importance of Mental Health & Healing.

About The CEO

Brieanna Aubrey started this Collection because she has been a Mental Health Advocate since she was a kid. She has always wanted to provide help and resources to others. Especially since Mental Health was not taken serious within her community & family. She hopes to help heal as many lives as she can. One of her purposes here on earth is saving lives. Mentally Of Course :)
To learn more about the CEO herself or want to be apart of the collection feel free to reach out.