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Monthly Updates + Reflection Quote of the Month

Monthly Updates for September

  1. Free Shipping for All MHM Collection Members: We are delighted to announce that all members of the MHM Collection can now enjoy the added benefit of free shipping on their orders.

  2. Open Enrollment for the Virtual Connect Group: Our Virtual Connect Group is now welcoming new members! Join our community for meaningful discussions and support.

  3. New Prayer Request Feature: We have added a new prayer request feature under our Mental Health Resources section. Feel free to share your requests, and our community will provide support and encouragement.

  4. Life Coaching Services by Brie: Brie is now accepting new clients for life coaching services. She specializes in working with individuals and couples. Start your journey to personal growth and improved relationships today.

  5. Model Casting Call: MHM is on the lookout for new models for our upcoming launch. If you're interested in modeling opportunities, we want to hear from you.

Quote of the Month:

"One of the ways you know something is sent from God is that you will never have to exchange your mental health in order for it to be in alignment with you or within your life."


Have an amazing Month!

Stay connected with us for more updates, resources, and opportunities throughout the month.

Would you like to Model for MHM?

Requirements to be considered:

-Must be Located In Houston , Texas!

-Must Submit the form>>

-Male or Female

-Can be any size

At The MHM Collection , we are on the lookout for individuals who not only possess exceptional modeling talent but also embody the core values and mission of our brand. We believe that true beauty lies in authenticity, and we are committed to showcasing models who share our dedication to these principles.  

Fo Further Questions Email:

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Thanks for submitting we will be in touch within 48hrs!

New Arrivals

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