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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a specific way that I have to Wash or Dry my Loungewear?
    All Loungewear : Poly/Cotton Blend. 1.When washing your Loungewear it is recommend to flip your clothing items inside out and make sure you are washing it on warm (delicate) to prevent any fading, peeling or damages. 2.When drying it is recommend to use a cool or low setting so that your Loungewear may last free of any damages. If customer decides to not wash Loungewear properly the collection is not liable for any damages that have been made in your care. 3.No refunds , Returns or exchanges will be considered.
  • International Shipping
    Not currently but we will be working on it soon :)
  • What happen if my package is lost or stolen?
    The MHM Collection LLC is not liable for any lost or stolen packages. Please contact the shipping provider & file a claim. However, we will do our best to help locate your package. Should you have any questions or concerns Chat or Email .
  • Sizing & Fit
    Oversized or street wear look = Size up Fitted Look = True to size
  • What is Sezzle & How does it work?
    Sezzle provides you with a payment option where you can buy now, and pay later. When you place an order through Sezzle, our unique approvals system reviews your account to determine what sort of repayment plan we can offer. In most cases, it's 25% of the order total due up-front (also called your "down payment" or "first installment"), with the remaining amount divided up across three more installments, each due two weeks apart. No interest on pay-in-4 for over 48,700 brands, no up-front or hidden fees as long as you pay off your installments on time*. When your order is placed, Sezzle pays the merchant in full for the order immediately—so the merchant has their funds and is able to process your order just like if you had paid them in full with a credit card! This isn't layaway, so the merchant fulfills your order within their normal shipping and processing times. Our checkout is straightforward - simply shop at a merchant that offers Sezzle, select "Sezzle" at checkout, and we walk you through the rest of the process. The best way to find brands that offer Sezzle is through the Sezzle app. To learn more, visit: or download the app by clicking here. To become a Sezzle Shopper, you must: Be 18 years of age or older Have a US or Canadian phone number that can receive texts Be able to verify your email address Have a non-prepaid payment method available For shoppers in the US and Canada, this can be a debit card or a credit card Sezzle does not impact your credit score. We may run a soft credit check (or "soft inquiry") to determine your spending power, but there is no negative impact to your credit score. *Sezzle does in some cases charge fees for using a debit or credit card to pay off scheduled installments. You can find more information on convenience fees here. **Bank accounts cannot be used to create a Sezzle account, nor to place orders, but can be set as default payment methods for further scheduled installments.
  • What is the MHM Cares Program?
    Our Cares program is a reduced rate that you are eligible to get quoted for based on your Annual income . If you are interested in partaking in the reduced program please reach out to your coach via email: . For the cares program you are liable for making your quoted payments on time and still following all payment , no show & late cancellation fees & policy's .
  • How long does it take to ship?
    Standard shipping is within 7-10 Business Days.
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