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Have you ever found yourself yearning to begin your healing journey from the trauma triggers that life has thrown your way, yet feeling utterly lost, not knowing where or how to start? It's a common experience, isn't it? Everyone urges you to heal, grow, and evolve, but often leaves you hanging without the practical steps to make it happen.


Well, here's the answer you've been searching for: an interactive e-workbook designed to be your trusted guide on the path to navigating those challenging trauma triggers. And when we say interactive, we mean it! You'll have the opportunity to engage with a wide array of tools and activities thoughtfully shared with you throughout this workbook, allowing you to apply them directly to your unique life circumstances.


Think of it as a personal journey of discovery and healing, with the support and wisdom of Certified Life Coach and CEO, Brieanna Aubrey. She's here to drop some invaluable gems and resources, helping you chart a course toward a healthier and more peaceful future, free from the shadows of your trauma triggers. So, let's embark on this transformative experience together, and start your journey towards healing and growth. We highly recommend Pairing this workbook with the This is where you start healing , they work hand and hand with one another. Your path to empowerment begins right here, right now.

Reclaiming Your Peace: Navigating Trauma Triggers

  • When acquiring the e-interactive workbook, kindly note that all sales are final, and refunds are not available. This workbook is provided in PDF format and will be promptly delivered to your designated email address upon purchase. 


    For any further questions or conerns please send us a chat or email : themhmcollection@gmail. Thank you!

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